Top Hat Active Learning Platform

Morton Publishing is pleased to partner with Top Hat, the leading active learning platform for professors and students. The following titles are available as digital editions designed to engage and motivate your students, whether you are teaching online, in-person, or a blend of both.  
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Customize Your Content


These interactive editions contain the same content as the print texts and can be dynamically edited, allowing you to modify, delete, or add material. You can also supplement the existing text by embedding video such as instructor recorded lectures, lab procedures, or YouTube content. The Top Hat platform is compatible with all operating systems and functions on any smart device.

Administer Secure Online Assignments

Administer pre- or post-lab assignments, in-class or remote quizzes, tests, and exams using pre-loaded assessment questions. Custom settings with start and end times enable students to take quizzes and exams and help you manage accommodations online.  You can also create your own questions using 14 different question types, such as multiple choice, click-on-target, and short answer.


Manage Your Class

Top Hat allows for multi-section management to provide more flexibility to manage student rosters. Every interaction—attendance, participation, assignments, tests—is automatically captured in the Top Hat Gradebook and is easily exported to your LMS.  Weekly course reports provide insight into your students’ performance and helps you easily understand who's succeeding and who needs extra support.


Drive Student Engagement

Take attendance, present slides, record presentations, host live discussions, and conduct polls where students can respond in real time from any device.  The Top Hat interactive platform keeps students engaged whether they are working remotely or on campus.  


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