I absolutely love the photo atlases that Morton Publishing produces. I recommend them to students in other lab courses (anatomy and physiology, biology, comparative anatomy, embryology, parasitology, zoology, botany, histology, etc.). Some of my former students who are currently in medical school asked if I knew of a histology photo atlas and I recommended the one from Morton. They told me later in the term that they wouldn’t have been able to pass their histology class if it hadn’t been for the histology photo atlas that I recommended.

Robert Corbett, PhD
Lamar University

Our department published a biology lab manual with Morton.  The print quality is excellent and the company has been great to work with.  I highly recommend them.

Keith Pulles
East Central College

Our Anatomy and Physiology courses have utilized the lab manual by Erin Amerman since the first edition.  The faculty have always been impressed by its level of detail, and assignments that require a high level of critical thinking.  We also appreciate the very helpful and professional staff at Morton.

Dr. Deanne Roopnarine
Nova Southeastern University

Morton Publishing helped me take my concept for a custom lab manual from being "just" a concept to being reality. Throughout the entire process the Morton publishing team was supportive and engaging in the process to make sure that the best version of my lab book was produced. The customization process is easy, straightforward, and very flexible. The stock images and artwork that Morton offers are high quality and are also customizable. Morton made possible what I thought could never be done - they made my lab book a reality!

Larry Young
Polk State College - Lakeland

Excellent experience working with the Morton team! They were professional, patient and flexible as COVID changed our plans; it was a pleasure working with the team; We could provide students with affordable great quality manuals in a timely manner.

Sharada Gollapudi
San Jacinto College - South

I had an outstanding experience working with Morton Publishing to get my custom laboratory manual published.  They are professional and supportive in every way.  They want you to be happy with your product and will help you to get there.

Audrey Chen
Moorpark College

Morton Publishing has been fantastic to work with in publishing my custom laboratory manual.  Every step of the way, from starting the project, to its final completion and proofs, Morton’s team is professional and attentive.  Several of their team members worked with me almost daily, to answer email questions and phone calls, provide me with feedback, and overall help me produce a laboratory manual that not only benefits my student’s learning, but that they actually enjoy using.

Candi Heimgartner
Univ of Idaho

I began using Morton lab manuals in 2015.  Morton Publishing provides consistently outstanding customer service, high quality products, excellent communication regarding new editions, and wide-ranging custom publishing options. Each semester, I am excited for my students to explore human anatomy and physiology with their Morton Publishing lab manual as an essential and reasonably priced learning resource.

Rebecca Burt
Southeast CC

Morton provided support, answered questions, and helped us develop targeted, robust content that supported our learning objectives.   This collaboration continues as they regularly ensure that our customized resource meets current needs.

Gwen Miller
Collin College

Morton has been really hands-on throughout the entire process of creating a custom lab manual and that our rep worked on our behalf tirelessly and was very easy to work with.  I really feel that they have our best interest at heart.  Highly recommend Morton Publishing.

Erika Brockmann
LA Valley College

I am very impressed with the skill and knowledge demonstrated by the team at Morton Publishing, who guided us to publish a custom laboratory manual for a lower-division microbiology course from the very beginning.  They are patient, helpful, and communicative.  The vast resources available to us are unparalleled.  I am very pleased with the process, service, and the final product.

Dr. Marie Yeung
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

I have worked with Morton over about 5 years now, and the experience has been a pleasure. I am a veteran Microbiology instructor, and have worked with many publishers over the years, using both off-the-shelf books and custom ones. Morton's service has been far superior to the others--they have consistently been flawless in the custom product they have provided, and always help me coordinate with our campus bookstore to make sure enough copies are available for students to purchase on day one. Their level of service allows me to have peace of mind that the product will be available in the form needed, and on time, so that I can focus on my students' course experience rather than the details of dealing with book issues. I highly recommend them!

Michele Perchez
Grossmont College

The books at Morton are AMAZING, but it is the people at Morton that make the process of creating and maintaining a custom lab manual easy each semester!  Every step with Morton is professional, friendly and easy!  You WILL NOT be disappointed by your Morton Custom Publication!

Carrie Geisbauer
Moorpark CC

Our department switched to Morton Publishing to create a better Intro AP lab manual. The new lab manuals are the same price as our self-published ones but now have full-color, well-drawn anatomy images for the students. We found all the images we needed from the huge library at Morton. Now we are updating the Intro Bio lab manual!

Chace Tydell
Cerritos College

Morton’s exceptional Microbiology laboratory texts have proven to be invaluable and cost-effective resources for my course and the thoughtful, personalized support that they provide is second-to-none.

Neil Enis
Tulsa CC

Our experience with Morton has been wonderful. The staff helped us develop our own microbiology lab manual and delivered a very high quality product at a good price. Every member of the team is extremely friendly, helpful, and responsive, and working with them has been a delight. I highly recommend Morton.

Sarah Salm
Borough of Manhattan CC

The team at Morton was excellent!  Their custom product team made sure we had all the right resources to get our custom project completed and even made a site visit to give feedback and input - I would most definitely work with them again.  Also, their image library is extensive, and the pictures are all of excellent quality – we were flush with great items to include in our project.

George Risinger
Oklahoma City CC

Morton makes sure that our students can purchase a quality, custom lab manual at a reasonable price. Their representatives care about us, our program, and our students. They are always easy to reach when we need them.

Lora Shadwick
Univ of Arkansas

Morton Publishing provides personal customer service, while demonstrating attentiveness to the details of your product.  Knowledgeable individuals guide you through the step by step process from copyright questions to student delivery.  My experience with Morton Publishing has been positive on so many levels, I recommend them each time I see the opportunity to do so.

Eileen Bush
Mohawk Valley Community College