Custom Publishing

Morton CustomLab allows you to utilize our wide variety of lab exercises, photographs, illustrations, and publishing services to create a beautiful and affordable lab manual tailored to your needs.
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Pick & Choose

Pick exercises from one or more Morton lab manuals to build a customized edition.
Customize A book
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build your own

Create a manual from your original material and combine it with our exercises and/or images.
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image library

Select images from Morton's  extensive library to include in your custom lab manual.
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not sure which option?

Speak to a Custom Project Editor  to get you pointed in the right direction.
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The customization process is easy, straightforward, and very flexible.
Larry Young
Polk State College - Lakeland
I had an outstanding experience working with Morton Publishing to get my custom laboratory manual published.  They are professional and supportive.
Audrey Chen
Moorpark College
Every step of the way, from starting the project, to its final completion and proofs, Morton’s team is professional and attentive. 
Candi Heimgartner
Univ of Idaho
Morton has been really hands-on throughout the entire process of creating a custom lab manual and that our rep worked on our behalf tirelessly.
Erika Brockmann
LA Valley College
I am very impressed with the skill and knowledge demonstrated by the team at Morton Publishing, who guided us to publish a custom laboratory manual.
Dr. Marie Yeung
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
You WILL NOT be disappointed by your Morton Custom Publication!
Carrie Geisbauer
Moorpark CC
We found all the images we needed for our manual in the huge library at Morton.
Chace Tydell
Cerritos College
Their custom product team made sure we had all the right resources to get our custom project completed.
George Risinger
Oklahoma City CC
Morton makes sure that our students can purchase a quality, custom lab manual at a reasonable price.
Lora Shadwick
Univ of Arkansas