Public Speaking: Strategic Choices, 7e

By Laurie L. Haleta  •  
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Print ISBN  9780895821772
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Public Speaking: Strategic Choices is designed for a one-semester, introductory speech course. It is built on a sound basis for rhetorical theory without being bogged down by theory. It introduces the student to basic communication precepts so that they will have an overview of the entire public speaking process.

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Table of Contents
  • the fundamental variables in audience analysis and how these affect the selection of topics and the development of speeches
  • the basics of conducting research and information gathering, and how to analyze and evaluate evidence;
  • how to organize and structure speeches;
  • how to create reasoning strategies based on the evidence and data and how to analyze others' reasoning, and the role of language in public speeches and;
  • how to improve and analyze language choice in public presentations.


Table of contents
Chapter 1: The Communication Process
Chapter 2: The First Speech: Basic Strategies
Chapter 3: Listening Strategies
Chapter 4: Topic Selection & Analyzing the Audience
Chapter 5: The Speech Organization
Chapter 6: Researching the Speech
Chapter 7: Supporting Claims and Reasoning
Chapter 8: Language Style
Chapter 9: Presenting the Public Speech
Chapter 10: Informative Speaking
Chapter 11: Persuasive Speaking
Chapter 12: Public Speaking and Small Group Strategy
Appendix A: Personal Inventory
Appendix B: Personal Brainstorming
Appendix C: Speech Assignments
Appendix D: Great Speeches Evaluation
Appendix E: Course Syllabus
Appendix F: Information Sheet