Organic Chemistry Study Cards

By Jeffrey Prince, Kent M. Van De Graaff, Ryan Van De Graaff  •  
•  302
Print ISBN  9780895825773
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The Organic Chemistry Study Cards encapsulate and reinforce the themes and principles students learn in class and in their textbook. The cards provide students a unique way to facilitate learning.  Created to work in conjunction with whichever text your students use, these cards will be invaluable study tools in preparing for the classroom, performing in exams, and retaining the concepts they have learned.

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  • Each card contains definition, description, and application information with clear, graphically presented art with appropriate labeling.
  • Convenient to pack; students can select specific cards to carry in shirt pocket or book bag for quick reference.
  • Inexpensive learning resource for class study, test review, or preparation for qualifying examinations, such as MCAT, DAT, or State Board Exams.
  • The cards are cross-referenced with each other and class tested and faculty reviewed.