Mammalian Anatomy: The Cat, 2e

By Aurora M. Sebastiani, Dale W. Fishbeck  •  
•  192
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Print ISBN  9780895826831
• eBook ISBN  9781617310003
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This full-color dissection guide is intended for students taking mammalian anatomy, comparative anatomy, general biology, or anatomy and physiology courses. The text incorporates high-quality photographs and clear discussions of dissection techniques to introduce students to the morphology of a mammal whose anatomy parallels that of the human.

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Table of Contents
  • This atlas features more than 200 high-quality photographs and full-color illustrations.
  • Orientation diagrams help identify the region of the body in which the photograph was taken.
  • Colored text throughout the book highlights dissection instructions. A second color draws comparisons between cat and human anatomy.
  • The muscular system section uses a systematic, regional treatment of muscle groups with a brief description of the muscle and a detailed description of the origin, insertion, and action of each.
  • The skeletal system section is highly detailed, with careful descriptions of the individual bones and their relationships to each other and to the entire system. The illustrations in this section are superb, representing actual bones with natural surface texture, features, and foramina.
  • Coverage of other systems consists of a detailed account of the anatomy and an instructional guide to exposing that anatomy.
Table of contents
Chapter 1: Skeletal System
Chapter 2: Muscular System
Chapter 3: Body Cavities and Mesenteries
Chapter 4: Digestive System
Chapter 5: Respiratory System
Chapter 6: Urogenital System
Chapter 7: Endocrine System
Chapter 8: Circulatory System
Chapter 9: Nervous System
Chapter 10: Sense Organs