General Chemistry Experiments, Revised 2e

By Jerry L. Mills, Roy E. Mitchell  •  
•  284
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Print ISBN  9781617317705
• eBook ISBN  9781617317880
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The straightforward, time-tested General Chemistry Laboratory Experiments is appropriate for two-semester general chemistry courses at the college level.

Our Chemistry Laboratory Series is designed to actively engage your students in the process of learning how to be curious, precise, and safe in the laboratory. Our manuals are clearly written, engagingly illustrated, and affordably priced to make sure that your students’ first experiences in the laboratory provide a solid foundation for their future studies.

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Table of Contents
  • INITIATE your study of the basic concepts in the general chemistry laboratory by reading through concise introductory material.
  • INVESTIGATE the mysteries of matter by following the clearly written procedures and recording data and observations on the data sheets provided.
  • INTEGRATE your knowledge of each laboratory topic by making sense of the data you have collected.
Table of contents