Exercises for the Botany Laboratory, 2e

By Joel A. Kazmierski  •  
•  192
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Print ISBN  9781617314087
• eBook ISBN  9781617314162
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This inexpensive, black-and-white lab manual emphasizes plant structure and diversity. The first group of exercises covers morphology and anatomy of seed plants, and the remaining exercises survey the plant kingdom, including fungi and algae. These exercises can be used in conjunction with A Photographic Atlas for the Botany Laboratory, 7e.

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What's New in this Edition
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  • All chapters start with a list of objectives that guides students and focuses their attention on the essential material.
  • Completely labeled, informative figures are depicted clearly and accurately.
  • Exercises are written to be thought-provoking and meaningful. Materials lists, procedures, photographs, and illustrations help guide students through the activities.
  • Review questions facilitate learning and understanding of the lab theories and procedures.
What's New in this Edition

These two books have been designed to work together as the Exercises contain references to additional figures found in the Atlas. They can also be adopted separately to provide affordable, effective lab resources. The Atlas serves as an excellent visual reference for use in the lab and can also be used for self-study.  The Exercises provide a concise, inexpensive alternative to the larger, more expensive laboratory manuals on the market.

Table of contents
Exercise 1: Microscopes and Plant Cell Structures
Exercise 2: Cell Division and Plant Tissues
Exercise 3: Stems: Herbaceous Plants
Exercise 4: Stems: Woody Plants
Exercise 5: Roots
Exercise 6: Leaves
Exercise 7: Algae
Exercise 8: Fungi: Part 1
Exercise 9: Fungi: Part 2
Exercise 10: Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts
Exercise 11: Primitive Vascular Plants
Exercise 12: Ferns
Exercise 13: Conifers
Exercise 14: Flowering Plants: Flowers
Exercise 15: Flowering Plants: Seeds and Fruits
About the Author

Joel A. Kazmierski

Joel Kazmierski is a 1961 graduate of the State College at Fitchburg in Massachusetts.  After graduating and realizing that his B.S.Ed. degree did not provide adequate subject matter information, he became a graduate student at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. There he was exposed to marvelous professors who were extremely interested in teaching. After obtaining his master’s degree, he taught high school biology for two years. He obtained additional graduate education at Washington State University. He then received a fellowship at Idaho State University and earned a Doctor of Arts degree. This was followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Cornell University, a short teaching position at a private college in New Hampshire, and then a move to Delhi, where he taught courses in biology for more than 25 years.

Joel continues to live in Delhi with his wife, Ruth, and enjoys traveling, woodworking, and spending time with his grandchildren.

Instructor Resources

An online Instructor's Manual contains answers to all of the exercises and electronic access to all of the images in the manual. All of the images from the lab manual are provided electronically. Images are presented at digital display resolution (150 dpi), intended for use in PowerPoint presentations.