Conquering Writing Anxiety

By Cynthia A. Arem  •  
•  176
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Print ISBN  9780895828392
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Many college students struggle with writing anxiety and subsequently avoid taking classes with significant writing requirements. Conquering Writing Anxiety, by Dr. Cynthia A. Arem, is designed to complement any introductory course in composition and provides students with the necessary tools and effective, practical techniques to help reduce their anxiety and make them feel more comfortable and confident in their writing ability. The book is also a useful reference for students as they continue their studies and professional careers.

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Table of Contents
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  • The text makes a clear distinction between writing anxiety and writer's block and provides strategies for dealing with writing anxiety as a unique and separate problem.
  • The text introduces powerful thought exercises and practical writing techniques for dealing with writing anxiety and the writing process.
  • "Hands-on" exercises and worksheets are included in each chapter. Self-assessments have been placed throughout the text to encourage students to describe, identify, and overcome their struggles with writing anxiety.
  • Strategies are presented for essay exam preparation and success. Strategies for overcoming test anxiety are also included in the text.
  • A chapter on having a positive writing future, including a discussion of the importance of writing for academic success, career success, and personal pleasure has been included.
  • Collaborative learning activities offer students opportunities to share experiences and work cooperatively to overcome writing anxiety. These activities are designed to expand students' understanding of the developmental writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing).

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  • The Instructor's Manual contains:
    • answers to questions
    • course suggestions
Table of contents
Chapter 1: What is Writing Anxiety?
Chapter 2: The Origins & Root Causes of Writing Anxiety
Chapter 3: Stop the Writing Anxiety Cycle
Chapter 4: Use Calming Techniques to Reduce Writing Anxiety
Chapter 5: Create a Positive Writing Mindset
Chapter 6: Think Like a Writer
Chapter 7: Embark on a Voyage of Discovery: The Writing Process
Chapter 8: Use Your Learning Style to Enhance Your Writing
Chapter 9: Adopt Practical Strategies to Improve Your Writing
Chapter 10: Beware of the Camel’s Nose: Prevent Plagiarism
Chapter 11: Use Visualization to Increase Writing Fluency
Chapter 12: Prepare for Essay Exam-Taking
Chapter 13: Overcome Test Anxiety on Essay Exams
Chapter 14: Deal with Writer’s Block
Chapter 15: Look Forward to a Positive Writing Future
Instructor Resources

The Instructor's Manual contains answers to the questions and course suggestions.