Case Mysteries in Pathophysiology, 2e

By Patricia J. Neafsey  •  
•  160
Loose Leaf
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Print ISBN  9781617311529
• eBook ISBN  9781617311536
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Case Mysteries in Pathophysiology, 2e, is intended for health science students who are eager to apply their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology in clinical settings. This book offers opportunities to apply critical thinking skills to case studies. The case mysteries are presented as detailed narratives designed to engage students immediately.

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What's New in this Edition
Table of Contents
Instructor Resources
  • This book is designed for health science students taking a bachelor’s or master’s level pathophysiology.
  • The case mysteries are presented as a detailed narratives designed to engage students immediately.
  • Full-color figures are featured prominently in the text so that students have everything they need to analyze the case.
  • The case mystery questions direct students to think like practicing clinicians. They must consider patient histories, interpret test results, and consider treatments for the underlying disorders detailed in the case.
  • Beautifully rendered, high-quality art helps students visualize medical procedures and physiologic processes.
  • X-rays, MRIs, ultrasound images, CT scans, ECGs, and photomicrographs are all presented to give students an opportunity to "use" the diagnostic tools they would have access to in a clinical setting.

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  • An online Instructor's Manual contains answers to all of the exercises.
  • Digital Test Bank contains questions to help instructors build tests and quizzes that can either be printed or exported to commonly used distance learning platforms.
What's New in this Edition
  • Four new case mysteries.
  • Additional illustrations to enhance student comprehension of the concepts.
  • Existing case mysteries have more information to provide students with additional clues to help answer the questions.
  • An online instructor’s manual contains answers to all of the exercises and electronic access to all of the images in the manual. A computerized test bank contains hundreds of test items, including NCLEX-style questions to help instructors build tests and quizzes that can either be printed or exported to commonly used distance-learning platforms.
Table of contents
Case 1: The Malicious Third-Grade Cougher
Case 2: The Uninformed Coach
Case 3: Fishing Marines
Case 4: Suzie Feeds the Bunny
Case 5: Favorite Uncle
Case 6: The Red Hat Hikers
Case 7: Grandma's Got a Brand-New Bag
Case 8: Sisters for Life
Case 9: Andie's Tavern
Case 10: The Perfect Diet
Case 11: The Casino Bus
Case 12: The Ice Fishing Derby
Case 13: "My Professor Makes No Sense!"
Case 14: Joey Makes the Travel Soccer Team
Case 15: Unmade Beds at the B&B
Case 16: A Failed Preschool Art Project
Case 17: The Reenactor
Case 18: Never Too Old to Learn a Bad Habit
Case 19: "My Heart Is in My Stomach!"
Case 20: Stargazed
Case 21: Daddy Learns to Do a 180
Case 22: Neck Hygiene
Case 23: The Trainer
Case 24: A Piercing Issue
Case 25: Kidney Punch
Case 26: Night Watch
Case 27: The Hoarse Horsewoman
Case 28: The ATV Riders
Instructor Resources

The Instructor's Material contains all the answers to each case and additional information you can provide to students to help them solve the case mysteries.