A Visual Analogy Guide to Chemistry, 2e

By Paul A. Krieger  •  
•  304
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Print ISBN  9781617317781
• eBook ISBN  9781617317798
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A Visual Analogy Guide to Chemistry is the latest in the innovative and widely used series of books by Paul Krieger. This study guide delivers a big-picture view of difficult concepts and effective study tools to help students learn and understand the details of general, organic, and biochemistry topics. A Visual Analogy Guide to Chemistry is a worthwhile investment for any introductory chemistry student.

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What's New in this Edition
Table of Contents
About the Author
  • Visual analogies are presented to help students apply things they already know from everyday life to concepts with which they are unfamiliar. These analogies enable students to more easily remember and understand the material presented.
  • The modular format allows students to focus on one key concept at a time, presenting the discussion of a topic on the left-facing page, supported on the right-facing page by large, original, high-quality illustrations.
  • Conceptual and schematic illustrations present difficult concepts in a way that makes these concepts easier for students to understand and allows them to better understand the details they see in their textbook.
  • Integrated activities allow students the opportunity to label diagrams, create their own drawings, or color existing black-and-white illustrations.
  • Practice problems, along with the answers, are integrated into the modules to assess student understanding. By putting pen to paper, students are able to better recall information.
  • Mnemonic devices are used to help students memorize important topics.
  • A visual analogy index provides a table with all of the visual analogies cross-referenced to the appropriate page numbers, making it easier for students to find and review content.
What's New in this Edition

• 44 new pages in the General Chemistry section • New practice problems and answers
• Handy periodic table reference on inside cover
• Many updates and revisions throughout the book • New illustrations

• Reviewer comments implemented for improvements
• Table of Contents numbered
• Glossary - new terms added and some definitions edited

Table of contents
How To Use This Book
Visual Analogy Index
I. General Chemistry
II. Organic Chemistry
III. Biochemistry
About the Author

Paul A. Krieger

For nearly 20 years, Paul A. Krieger has taught courses in human anatomy and physiology, general biology, and general chemistry to students in the United States and abroad. Long active in community outreach programs at local schools and regional science festivals, Paul has written and illustrated the best-selling Visual Analogy Guide series, which includes separate guides for anatomy, physiology, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry.

Professor Krieger is an active member of many scientific and professional associations including the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society, the Michigan Science Teachers Association, and Michigan Community College Biologists. He has successfully presented numerous workshops at the local, state, and national levels on topics such as improving the teaching and learning process. In addition to teaching, Paul is an accomplished artist. He lives with his wife and son in Grand Rapids, Michigan.