A Photographic Atlas for Physical Anthropology, Brief Edition

By Paul Whitehead, William K. Sacco, Susan B. Hochgraf  •  
•  112
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Print ISBN  9780895826688
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This full-color atlas, with approximately 300 professional photographs gives detailed coverage of the primates, the body organization and paleoanthropology. The quality of the photographs is unequalled in currently available textbooks and lab manuals. The atlas can be used in conjunction with your current textbook to provide a visual representation of the material that your students study and discuss. It is a useful guide if your school has a good collection of osteological material and of fossil casts. Furthermore, it is an invaluable visual representation for students who do not have hands-on experience with specimens.

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Table of Contents
Table of contents
Chapter 1: Definition of the Primates
Chapter 2: Body Organization
Chapter 3: Paleoanthropology
Appendix: Classification of the Primates