A Dissection Guide & Atlas to the Mink, 2e

By David G. Smith, Michael P. Schenk  •  
•  136
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Print ISBN  9781640430525
• eBook ISBN  9781640430532
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This full-color dissection manual is intended to provide an introduction to the anatomy of the mink for biology, zoology, nursing, or preprofessional students who are taking a laboratory course in anatomy and physiology or basic vertebrate anatomy.

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What's New in this Edition
Table of Contents
About the Authors
  • Multiple images of the muscle, skeletal, and organ systems provide a complete picture of the layers of mink anatomy.
  • Detailed instructions allow students to efficiently and accurately perform all of the dissections.
  • Superior quality, completely labeled, full-color photographs and illustrations offer excellent visual references.
  • The text is clearly written, and dissection instructions are set apart in boxes to aid the students in the lab.
  • Informative tables summarize key information, and student objectives establish the purpose of each chapter and lab.
  • The dissection guide is loose-leaf and three-hole drilled for convenience in the laboratory.
  • Because prepared mink skeletons are not always available, the cat skeleton is utilized in the skeletal system chapter along with pictures of mink structures, as appropriate.
What's New in this Edition
  • Inclusion of new photographs, illustrations, and tables.
  • Improved color detail on photographs.
  • Some re-written captions for improved clarity.
  • Dissection instructions indicated with a scissors icon.
Table of contents
Chapter 1: External Features
Chapter 2: Skeletal System
Chapter 3: Muscular System
Chapter 4: Digestive System
Chapter 5: Circulatory System
Chapter 6: Respiratory System
Chapter 7: Reproductive and Excretory Systems
Chapter 8: Nervous System
Chapter 9: Endocrine System
About the Authors