A Dissection Guide & Atlas to the Fetal Pig, 3e

By David G. Smith, Michael P. Schenk  •  
•  144
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Print ISBN  9780895828798
• eBook ISBN  9780895829979
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This full-color dissection guide is intended for students taking mammalian anatomy, comparative anatomy, general biology, or anatomy and physiology courses. The text incorporates high-quality photographs and clear discussions of dissection techniques to introduce students to the morphology of a mammal whose anatomy parallels that of the human.

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Table of Contents
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  • More than 150 full-color photographs and illustrations provide accurate representations of the anatomy to facilitate easy identication of anatomical structures.
  • Photographs of a sheep heart, eye, and brain are also included.
  • Color micrographs of histological sections of tissue accompany many of the photographs and illustrations to give students an understanding of the microanatomy.
  • Tables throughout the text conveniently summarize the content.
  • Dissection instructions have been set off from the main text, and important terminology is printed.
Table of contents
Chapter 1: External Anatomy
Chapter 2: Skeletal System
Chapter 3: Muscular System
Chapter 4: Digestive System
Chapter 5: Circulatory System
Chapter 6: Respiratory System
Chapter 7: Reproductive and Excretory Systems
Chapter 8: Nervous System
Chapter 9: Endocrine System
About the Authors