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Exploring Human Biology in the Laboratory

Matthew M. Douglas, Jonathan M. Douglas
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Exploring Human Biology in the Laboratory is a comprehensive manual appropriate for human biology lab courses. This edition features a streamlined set of clearly written activities. These exercises emphasize the anatomy, physiology, ecology, and evolution of humans within their environment.

About this Product


  • Beautiful, full-color, and clearly labeled illustrations and photographs
  • Clearly stated student objectives
  • Meaningful and engaging laboratory activities with generous space for recording data, sketches, and answers to questions
  • Friendly and accessible writing style
  • “Does it matter?” sections open and close each chapter to give students applications of the chapter content to their daily lives
  • Each chapter ends with a “Summary and Discussion” to allow students review the main points prior to completing the lab
  • Review Questions at the end of each chapter foster understanding of important concepts
  • Instructor’s manual with lab preparation information

About the Author

Matthew M. Douglas

Jonathan M. Douglas

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Scientific Method

Chapter 2: Cell Structure and Function

Chapter 3: Organic Compounds

Chapter 4: Body Tissues

Chapter 5: Organization of the Human Body

Chapter 6: Integumentary System

Chapter 7: Skeletal System

Chapter 8: Muscular System

Chapter 9: Nervous System

Chapter 10: General and Special Senses

Chapter 11: Endocrine System

Chapter 12: Blood and the Cardiovascular System

Chapter 13: Enzymes and the Digestive System

Chapter 14: Urinary System

Chapter 15: Respiratory System

Chapter 16: Reproduction and Human Development

Chapter 17: Cell Division, DNA, Genes, and Inheritance

Chapter 18: Biotechnology and Darwinian Medicine

Chapter 19: General Evolution

Chapter 20: Human Ecology

Appendix A: Additional Thoughts on Human Evolution

Appendix B: A Brief Dissection of the Fetal Pig