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To request permission to reproduce Morton Publishing's copyrighted material, please contact Rayna Bailey. Your request should include the following information:

  • Book title
  • Author(s)
  • ISBN
  • Page number(s), figures, tables, etc. to be reproduced
  • Print run
  • Approximate retail price

If the material is to be used as part of a course pack or at an individual college, please include the course number, instructor, and approximate course enrollment.

Disability Text Requests:

If you provide Disability Services for a post-secondary educational institution in the U.S. or Canada and need to obtain material for a student with a documented print disability, please place your request on the AccessText Network. If you are not yet a member of AccessText, please sign up for a free membership at www.accesstext.gatech.edu/atn/users/login.  Questions about AccessText can be sent to membership@accesstext.org.

If you are not eligible for AccessText membership, please contact Trina Lambert to initiate the request.