Exercises for the Microbiology Laboratory, 4e

By Burton E. Pierce, Michael J. Leboffe  •  
•  216
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Print ISBN  9780895828736
• eBook ISBN  9781617311109
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This inexpensive exercise manual provides a straightforward, step-by-step, concise alternative to large microbiology laboratory manuals. It can be used by itself as a required lab text and is also designed to be used in conjunction with A Photographic Atlas for the Microbiology Laboratory, 4e, by Leboffe & Pierce, with exercises keyed to specific images.

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What's New in this Edition
Table of Contents
  • Exercises are arranged by functional group within each section, allowing you to select the exercises you want to teach within a set of lab outcomes.
  • Frequent page and figure number references for the Photographic Atlas for the Microbiology Laboratory are included in each section.
  • A useful appendix containing recipes for all media, stains, and reagents used helps students and instructors with lab preparation.
  • The organization of the Exercises and the Atlas helps students learn basic steps and techniques prior to attempting and applying more complicated techniques.
What's New in this Edition
  • This edition features an all new art program.
  • The exercises in the manual feature references to the Atlas (as appropriate); a materials list; the exercise protocol; results record; precautions and references in a simple-to-use yet comprehensive lab experience.
  • Two exercises on identifying unknown bacterial species and exercises on identification of stages and structures of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and helminths are also featured.
  • A useful appendix containing recipes for all media, stains, and reagents used helps students and instructors with lab preparation.
Table of contents
Introduction to Safety and Laboratory Guidelines
Section 1: Fundamental Skills for the Microbiology Laboratory
Section 2: Microbial Growth
Section 3: Microscopy and Staining
Section 4: Selective Media
Section 5: Differential Tests
Section 6: Quantitative Techniques
Section 7: Environmental, Food, and Medical Microbiology
Section 8: Microbial Genetics
Section 9: Hematology and Serology
Section 10: Eukaryotic Microbes: Fungi, Protozoans, and Helminths
Appendix A: Media, Reagent, and Stain Recipes
Appendix B: Miscellaneous Transfer Methods
Appendix C: Use of Glass Pipettes
Appendix D: Use of Digital Pipettors
Appendix E: Morphological Unknown Flowchart