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Exercises for the General, Organic, & Biochemistry Laboratory

William G. O'Neal
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Chapter 1: Measure Up: Laboratory Measurements18
Chapter 2: The More Things Change: Chemical and Physical Properties14
Chapter 3: Counting Calories: Calorimetry and Specific Heat14
Chapter 4: All in the Family: Elements and the Periodic Table12
Chapter 5: Eat Your Wheaties®: Nutritional Minerals in Cereal16
Chapter 6: Puzzled?: Ionic and Covalent Bonds18
Chapter 7: Tried and Tested: Formula of a Compound12
Chapter 8: Don't Lose Your Balance: Reaction Stoichiometry12
Chapter 9: Lab is Such a Headache: Formation of Aspirin14
Chapter 10: Skeletons and Suffixes: Hydrocarbon Isomerism and Bond Reactivity20
Chapter 11: How Sweet It Is: Structures of Carbohydrates18
Chapter 12: Take Your Medicine: Thin Layer Chromatography of Analgesic Drugs14
Chapter 13: Clean it Up: Formation and Evaluation of Soap14
Chapter 14: A Lot of Hot Air: Charles' Law12
Chapter 15: It's No Problem: All About Solutions14
Chapter 16: True Colors: pH Indicators16
Chapter 17: Breaking Up: Acid-Base Extraction14
Chapter 18: Why It Does a Body Good: The Components of Milk18
Chapter 19: Got Milk Sugar?: Lactase and Enzyme Activity12
Chapter 20: Blueprint of a Strawberry: DNA Extraction10
Chapter 6 Puzzle Pieces16