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The Pharmacy Technician, 6e

Perspective Press
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The Pharmacy Technician, 6e, is a valuable tool for pharmacy technician students. Endorsed by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), this book prepares students for national certification exams such as the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) and the Exam for Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT). This book is a practical text for understanding the principles, career concepts, and pharmacy skills needed to be a successful pharmacy technician. It offers clear, concise information to help students learn the material and pass the national certification exams. 

About this Product


  • Topics are organized in two-page spreads.
  • This distinctive, facing-page design makes it easier to make connections between concepts.
  • Illustrations are always on the same spread as corresponding text discussions.
  • Rx Safety notes and Rx Tips highlight safety information, indicate points of emphasis, and offer useful tips. 
  • Topic sentences in the major columns are in bold type  to emphasize the main points.
  • Photographs and illustrations are used extensively to provide information, reinforce text discussions, and show step-bystep procedures.
  • The Learning Objectives and the end-of-chapter Key Concepts summary are both organized by spread topics.
  • There is at least one objective and one key concept per spread topic.
  • A Thinking Things Through case scenario begins each chapter with questions for students to think about as they read through the chapter.
  • A Wrap-Up at the end of the chapter discusses the questions in the opening scenario.
  • Integrated example math problems with step-by-step solutions throughout the text help students learn and apply math in context.
  • A running “ABCD” glossary defines all the key terms on each spread.
  • Corresponding key terms are highlighted in bold green italics  where they appear in the text discussion.
  • All margin glossary terms are included in the end-of-chapter Match-the-Terms exercise.
  • Choose the Best Answer multiple-choice questions review chapter content.
  • An increased number of scenario-based Critical Thinking questions, with discussion-based answers at the back of the book, help students think about how they would handle various situations, and why.
  • New Researching Information activities in each chapter have students use resources and references discussed in the Information  chapter.
  • New Calculations Corner problems in Chapters 6–18 further integrate math.
  • New Practicing for the Certification Exam questions quiz students on topics covered on the PTCE and ExCPT blueprints.

About the Author

Perspective Press

Perspective Press is the developer of The Pharmacy Technician, the best-selling text for pharmacy technician training that is endorsed by the American Pharmacists Association. The Pharmacy Technician employs a visual two-page spread approach that integrates text and graphics and presents topics in content-specific learning landscapes.

Dennis Hogan founded Perspective Press in 1993 with the goal of publishing visually-oriented texts that were easier and more effective learning tools. Prior to that, Dennis spent more than fifteen years in various publishing roles at Prentice-Hall. He also spent nearly two decades developing and managing National Geographic Learning, a leading English language learning publisher. He believes that textbooks can be powerful learning tools if they reflect life authentically and visually.

What's New in this Edition

New to this edition of The Pharmacy Technician, 6e

 New to This Edition: 

  • Content and practice exams comply with the 2012 PTCB blueprint 
  • Researching Information activities in each chapter have students use outside resources to complete the activities 
  • Calculations Corner problems for each chapter further integrate math concepts 
  • New Practicing for the Certification Exam questions quiz students on topics covered on the PTCE and ExCPT blueprints