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Comparative Anatomy: Manual of Vertebrate Dissection, 2e

Dale W. Fishbeck, Aurora M. Sebastiani
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This full-color manual is a unique guide for students conducting the comparative study of representative vertebrate animals. It is appropriate for courses in comparative anatomy, vertebrate zoology, or any course in which the featured vertebrates are studied.

About this Product


  • Includes coverage of the lamprey, dogfish shark, mudpuppy, and cat.
  • More than 550 full-color photographs, micrographs, and illustrations assist students with their dissections.
  • An overview of the evolution of vertebrate systems provides students with a detailed synopsis prior to beginning the dissections.
  • Evolutionary concepts, comparative morphology, and histology are covered comprehensively.
  • Detailed dissection instructions are incorporated into the text to enhance the probability that a student will be able to work though the organ relationships of a difficult system.

About the Author

Dale W. Fishbeck

Aurora M. Sebastiani

What's New in this Edition

New to this edition of Comparative Anatomy: Manual of Vertebrate Dissection, 2e

  • This edition features a discussion of the most significant events in the evolution of the comparative anatomy of the vertebrates. The new section is heavily illustrated.
  • Positional figures were included to aid in determining the specific body region illustrated in many photographs.
  • Dissection instructions were enhanced to obtain a better quality lab experience.
  • The glossary was expanded to include additional terms. 

Table of Contents



Part One: Phylum Hemichordata

Part Two: Phylum Chordata - The Non-Vertebrate Chordates

Part Three: The Evolution of Vertebrate Systems - An Overview

Part Four: Phylum Chordata - Subphylum Vertebrata - Lamprey

Part Five: Phylum Chordata - Subphylum Vertebrata - Dogfish Shark

Part Six: Phylum Chordata - Subphylum Vertebrata - Mudpuppy (Necturus)

Part Seven: Phylum Chordata - Subphylum Vertebrata - Cat