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The Pharmacy Technician, 5e

Perspective Press
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A practical text to understanding the principles, career concepts, and pharmacy skills needed to be a successful pharmacy technician, The Pharmacy Technician, 5e is specially designed to make learning easier for your students. It offers clear, concise information to help them learn the material and pass the national certification examinations. This best-selling text is officially endorsed by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).

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About this Product


  • An extensive use of illustrations provide information as well as reinforce text discussion helping to solidify understanding of important topics.
  • A running glossary emphasizes key terminology and makes them easy to locate and review.
  • Facing page lay-out makes it easy to locate and identify important topics, and ensures that key artwork is never far from the associated text.
  • Useful tips, related content points, and information on additional resources help ensure student success in their course and career.
  • End-of-Chapter Reviews include: a checklist of Key Concepts to facilitate effective studying of the material, a Match the Terms section testing knowledge of important terminology and, Multiple Choice questions testing overall knowledge of the content.

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  • An online Instructor's Manual contains answers to all of the exercises. 
  • Computerized Test Bank contains hundreds of questions to help instructors build tests and quizzes that can either be printed or exported to commonly used distance learning platforms.

About the Author

Perspective Press

What's New in this Edition

New to this edition of The Pharmacy Technician, 5e

  • Content and a practice exam comply with the new PTCB blueprint released in 2012.
  • Updated and revised art program, using more real-world photos and more labeling on art.
  • Two page chapter-opening design with real-world photo on left.
  • Example design in the Calculations Chapter and in the Calculations section of the Hospital Pharmacy Chapter provides ease to locate and follow the math examples.
  • "Thinking it Through" Case Scenario chapter openings. Each scenario has two to three questions students should think about as they read the chapter. 
  • A "Thinking it Through Wrap-Up" section ends the chapter. 
  • End-of-chapter Critical Thinking questions, with discussion-based answers found in the answer key.
  • Twenty-five percent new/revised multiple choice questions for each chapter.
  • New Skill Drills for memorizing brand name drugs with the generic form.
  • Fifty Top Canadian Drugs as an Appendix.
  • E-book PDF availability.
  • Online student self-correcting quizzes to reinforce brand/generic drugs.

Table of Contents


1. Pharmacy & Health Care

2. The Pharmacy Technician

3. Drug Regulation & Control

4. Terminology

5. Prescriptions

6. Calculations

7. Routes & Formulations

8. Compounding

9. Parenterals: Compounding Sterile Formulations

10. Basic Biopharmaceutics

11. Factors Affecting Drug Activity

12. Information

13. Inventory Management

14. Financial Issues

15. Community Pharmacy

16. Hospital Pharmacy

17. Other Environments

18. Common Drugs & Their Uses

A. Look-Alike/Sound alike Drugs

B. Top 200 Brand Name Drugs

C. Top 50 Canadian Drugs

D. Commonly Refrigerated Drugs


Answer Key


Student Resources