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A Visual Analogy Guide to Chemistry © 2012

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A Visual Analogy Guide to Chemistry © 2012
Author: Paul A. Krieger

This comprehensive guide uses visual analogies and conceptual illustrations to assist students in learning the fundamental concepts of general, organic, and biochemistry. By using these analogies, the student can take things they already know from experiences in everyday life and use them to clarify concepts with which they are unfamiliar. The book offers a variety of effective learning activities such as study tips, rhymes and practice problems .

Features of A Visual Analogy Guide to Chemistry:

  • Covers all major subject areas presented in an Introduction to Chemistry or General, Organic, and Biochemistry course
  • Analogies and other key concepts are presented in a modular format with the text on the even-numbered pages and illustrations and analogies on the facing odd-numbered page.
  • Large, high-quality, original illustrations presented in two-colors, (black and white with colored highlights).
  • Students may choose to color these illustrations to aid their comprehension of the material.
  • Helpful icons throughout the book identify helpful tips and hints for learning chemistry concepts.
  • A "visual index" will be included for easy referencing. Located on the upper right-hand side of the odd numbered pages, these "visual index" illustrations will allow the reader to quickly locate the analogy he or she wishes to study.
  • When a module contains practice problems, the answers will be provided underneath the questions to allow students to learn through self-quizzing.

  • About the Author

    For nearly 20 years Paul A. Krieger has taught courses in human anatomy and physiology, general biology, and general chemistry to students in the United States and abroad. Long active in community outreach programs at local schools and regional science festivals, A Visual Analogy Guide to Chemistry is his fourth national publication

    Professor Krieger is an active member of many scientific and professional associations including the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society, the Michigan Science Teacher's Association, and the Michigan Community College Biologists. He has successfully presented numerous workshops at the local, state, and national levels on topics such as improving the teaching and learning process. In addition to teaching, Paul is an accomplished artist whose work can be found throughout the Visual Analogy Guides. He lives with his wife and son in Grand Rapids, Michigan.