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Comparative Anatomy: Manual of Vertebrate Dissection, Second Edition

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Comparative Anatomy: Manual of Vertebrate Dissection, Second Edition
Authors: Dale W. Fishbeck, Aurora Sebastiani

The anatomy of the jawless lamprey is compared with the anatomy of three vertebrates with jaws- the shark, the mudpuppy and the cat. The lamprey represents a modern example of early ancestral vertebrates while the shark is a reasonable example of the fish condition, the mudpuppy possesses several characteristics of the ancestral tetrapod, and the cat shows a suite of characteristics associated with mammals. Homologies among these vertebrates are emphasized.

  • The major systems of each organism are covered in depth and in logical sequence.
  • Color photographs are the main source of illustration.
  • Detailed dissection instructions for obtaining superior specimens for comparison are given throughout.
  • Important anatomical terms are in boldface.
  • NEW to this edition - A discussion of the most significant events in the evolution of the comparative anatomy of the vertebrates. The new section is heavily illustrated.
  • NEW to this edition - Positional figures were included to aid in determining the specific body region illustrated in many photographs.
  • NEW to this edition - Dissection instructions were enhanced to obtain a better quality lab experience.
  • NEW to this edition - The glossary was expanded to include additional terms.

    This manual is appropriate for courses in Comparative Anatomy, Vertebrate Zoology or any course in which the animals covered are studied. The format of the manual allows an instructor to plan a laboratory course that enhances the lecture and fits the needs of the student within a reasonable time frame. The material can be arranged so that a comparison of both systems and animals can be undertaken.